When fully developed, Arbitrator Intelligence will be a non-profit, interactive informational network that increases and equalizes access to critical information in the arbitrator selection process.   

In addition to arbitral Awards and other independently developed resources, Arbitrator Intelligence will collect quantitative feedback from users and counsel about key features of arbitrator decision making.  Information will be collected through the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ) that allow users to provide feedback on specific topics such as case management, document disclosure, and award rendering.  When fully developed, Arbitrator Intelligence will allow Members to search accumulated information to aid in their arbitrator selection process. 

This new resource aims to cure existing inefficiencies and inequities in how information about arbitrators is developed in the arbitrator selection process. 

Most information about arbitrators is developed through personal inquiries and by word-of-mouth.  Such informal, anecdotal information can be outdated or unreliable.  It can also be difficult to obtain for parties and counsel outside the mainstream international arbitration community.  Informal information can also make it difficult for new arbitrators and arbitrators from outside of the major international arbitration hubs to develop a reputation or to be assessed.  By promoting transparency and making sources of information about arbitrators more readily and equally available, Arbitrator Intelligence aims to increase arbitrator accountability, to make the selection process more fair and predictable, and to create better opportunities for new and diverse arbitrators. 

More general background about the general approach to developing Arbitrator Intelligence can be found in previous publications about the project here and here