Open Call for New Ambassadors

Join our Global Team of Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassadors!

Are you keen to help Arbitrator Intelligence to promote accountability, diversity and transparency in international arbitration?

Do you want to help Arbitrator Intelligence revolutionize the arbitrator selection process, helping parties to benefit from data-driven insights into arbitrator decision making?

To become an Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassador click on the button below.

The deadline for applications is September 14, 2020.

Become an Ambassador


  • Assist Arbitrator Intelligence with research, conduct interviews with arbitrators from around the world, publish blog posts and contribute your views to creative innovations;

  • Benefit from a skill development program designed to help you improve both your international arbitration skills and your soft skills such as presenting and interviewing;

  • Get involved in planning and running regional campaigns and/or jurisdiction-specific events to educate members of the international arbitration community about Arbitrator intelligence and obtain data about arbitrator decision making;

  • Build your global network of connections in the international arbitration community;

  • Connect with and market services offered by Arbitrator Intelligence to the international arbitration community; and

  • Contribute to positive change in the field of international arbitration and be part of a disruptive innovation.


  • Familiarize yourself with Arbitrator Intelligence’s mission, values and goals;

  • Work closely with Global Lead Ambassador Kirsten Teo and other members of the Ambassadors team to identify strategies to help Arbitrator Intelligence to collect data about arbitrator decision making;

  • Educate international arbitration users, law firms, arbitral institutions and other stakeholders about Arbitrator Intelligence, the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire and our Reports;

  • Organize events and webinars to promote Arbitrator Intelligence;

  • Participate in surveys, focus group discussions, meetings, and training sessions; and

  • Maintain a positive image for the Arbitrator Intelligence brand.


  • A lawyer, academic or arbitrator operating in the field of international arbitration;

  • Knowledgeable about the field of international arbitration and in particular, the practice of international arbitration in your jurisdiction;

  • Committed to the promotion of accountability, diversity and transparency in international arbitration;

  • A good team player with excellent communication and networking skills;

  • Adaptable and willing to assist with a wide range of different product development and thought leadership initiatives;

  • Willing to commit a few hours per month on a voluntary basis to fulfilling the role and responsibility of being an Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassador.