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Back to Basics: Drawing the line between Disclosure, Challenge and Disqualification Standards in International Investment Arbitration

“To disclose or not to disclose?” no longer seems to be a question for international arbitrators. The narrative and policy space surrounding the independence and impartiality of international arbitrators has been consistently driven towards maximum disclosure obligations.

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Behind the Scenes: Selection of the Arbitration Tribunal” held on January 29, 2021

As part of its Latam Campaign, Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) recently co-organized the second chapter of the ECUVYAP series “Behind the Scenes”, with the theme “Selection of the Arbitration Tribunal”. The event began with the welcome to the attendees by Catherine Rogers, the founder and CEO of AI. She talked about the disparity of information while selecting arbitrators, and the tools created by AI to reverse it. With the Reports and Arbitrator Analyzer, a boutique law firm can learn about an arbitrator’s awards, and their previous relationship with the other party or with the rest of the tribunal, in the same way as firms with  unlimited resources do.

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Africa’s Diverse Path Forward: Practical Solutions to the Diversity Dilemma in International Arbitration

Topic: Africa's Diverse Path Forward: Practical Solutions to the [...]

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The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of the Government of Canada Has Become A Member Of Arbitrator Intelligence

Canada is the first State party to agree to provide Arbitrator Intelligence with feedback about arbitrators as part of our Preferred Membership Program. When feedback from Members is incorporated into Arbitrator Intelligence Reports, parties and counsel have a more robust and independent resource, which goes beyond the traditional phone calls with known associates.

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Arbitrator Intelligence – cited by UNCITRAL: United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Working Group III

UNCITRAL: United Nations Commission on International Trade Law WGIII in the most recent version of the Secretariat's Note on 'Possible reform of investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS) Selection and Appointment of ISDS tribunal members' mentions Arbitrator Intelligence as an aid that enables users to make better-informed decisions about arbitrator selection and case strategy.

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Arbitrator Intelligence Welcomes New Board Member Ambassador William C. Eacho

Eacho brings a wealth of business experience to Arbitrator Intelligence, spanning the energy, private equity, real estate and distribution sectors. His diplomatic, academic and entrepreneurial expertise make him a welcome addition to the Board, led by Chairman Alan Crain.

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Arbitrator Intelligence Is Pleased To Announce New Ambassador ExCo Members

Arbitrator Intelligence is pleased to announce new Ambassador ExCo Members. The new ExCo members will be responsible for spearheading Ambassador initiatives and advancing the Ambassador program during 2021. Arbitrator Intelligence thanks to the 2020 ExCo members for their hard work and dedication, and welcomes the new members.

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