Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indonesia International Arbitration Center (INIAC).

The MoU signed by Arif Edison, Chair of the INIAC, and Catherine Rogers, Founder and CEO of AI, reflects the parties’ shared values and commitment to promote diversity, accountability and transparency in Indonesia and beyond.

Both parties recognize the benefits of technological innovation in making the dispute resolution process more effective, efficient and transparent. INIAC provides forward-thinking, fit-for-purpose, tech-driven and effective dispute resolution services and products to serve the Asian and international dispute resolution community. AI facilitates the mediated exchange of feedback about arbitrators, enabling parties and counsel to make more informed decisions about arbitrator appointments, even for arbitrators who are outside of their professional networks.

Arif Edison, Chair of INIAC, said, “INIAC as an arbitration institution that supports education strongly supports AI in publishing the dispute resolution process while prioritizing the confidentiality of the parties.  INIAC, which places great emphasis on technology applications, believes that AI is a strong partner in future collaboration.”

Catherine Rogers, Founder and CEO of AI, said, “We hope in 2022 to dramatically expand our network in Asia and our data available on arbitrators in Asian-based arbitrations. Our aim is to help arbitrators in the region be better known globally given the importance of Asian parties in disputes around the world. INIAC itself is introducing important regional innovations that make it a perfect partner in this effort.”

AI and INIAC will work together to increase the information available about arbitrators serving the Asian dispute resolution community and advance their shared values internationally.