PENNSYLVANIA, FEBRUARY 5th, 2021 – Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) is delighted to announce the newly appointed members of its 2021 Ambassador Executive Committee (ExCo).


The new ExCo members will be responsible for spearheading Ambassador initiatives and advancing the Ambassador program in 2021.


The new appointees are as follows:

1.  Alice Gyamfi – Chair, Digital Marketing,; Chair, Campaigns (Africa and Americas)
2.  Alvaro Awad (Chile) – Chair, Arbitrator Interviews
3.  Aracelly Lopez (Costa Rica) – Chair, Campaigns (LatAm); Vice-Chair, Arbitrator Interviews
4.  Chelsea Pollard (US/Malaysia) – Chair, Campaigns (Asia), Chair, Arbitral Institutions Outreach
5.  Jadranka Jakovic (US/Croatia) – Chair, Arbitral Law Firms Outreach
6.  Kirsten Teo (US/Singapore) – Global Lead
7.  Vitor Silvera Vieira (Brazil) – Chair, Campaigns (LatAm)
8.  Zrinka Mustafa Prelic (Croatia) – Chair, Publications


AI thanks to the outgoing and continuing 2020 Ambassador ExCo members for their hard work and dedication, and welcomes the new Ambassador ExCo members.

To learn more about our Ambassadors, see the Ambassador section of our website.