Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Arbitra International (Arbitra).

Arbitra, which provides next-generation support services for arbitrators and neutrals, and AI, which offers next-generation arbitrator research solutions, will collaborate to advance their shared commitment to promote accountability, diversity, and transparency in the market for arbitrators.

The agreement signed by Owen Lawrence, Chief Executive of Arbitra, and Catherine Rogers, Founder and CEO of AI, states that the parties will collaborate in order to increase the amount of information available about arbitrators, with a view to making arbitrator selection more efficacious and predictable, and enhancing the visibility of diverse arbitrators.

Owen Lawrence, Chief Executive of Arbitra, said, “Our respective organisations have the same core values and complement each other’s visions. Working together will add to the transparency of suitable candidates and assist law firms in meeting their criteria in terms of diversity and access to a wider pool of independent arbitral talent. Arbitra is excited to work with AI and looks forward to our collaboration.”

Catherine Rogers, Founder and CEO of AI, said, “Arbitra is a new generation entity whose member arbitrators–for personal and professional reasons–want to be independent. Like Arbitrator Intelligence, Arbitra has an interest in ensuring that information about arbitrators is comprehensive and up-to-date. We are delighted to be partnering with Arbitra to promote our joint interests in making more information available about arbitrators.”

Both parties will work together to improve the breadth and depth of the international market for arbitrators, and to promote their shared values and commitment to excellence.