Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassadors are talented legal practitioners who help guide AI’s project development internationally and raise awareness about how Arbitrator Intelligence and AIQ responses can increase transparency, accountability, and diversity globally

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Join our Global Team of Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassadors!

Are you keen to help Arbitrator Intelligence to promote accountability, diversity and transparency in international arbitration?

Do you want to help Arbitrator Intelligence revolutionize the arbitrator selection process, helping parties to benefit from data-driven insights into arbitrator decision making?

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Assist Arbitrator Intelligence with research, conduct interviews with arbitrators from around the world, publish blog posts, and contribute your views to creative innovations;
  • Build your global network of connections in the international arbitration community;

…and much, much more!

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Essay Competition

Arbitrator Intelligence is delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassadors’ Essay Competition!

Joint First Place

  • David Molina Coello
  • Aditya Singh Chauhan

Special Mention

  • Aichell Alvarado
  • Mirko Olmos

Thank you to all who participated in the essay competition!


Álvaro Awad
Álvaro AwadAI Ambassador for the LatAm region from Chile
Andrea Nikolić
Andrea NikolićAI Ambassador for the CEE region from Serbia
Antonin Sobek
Antonin Sobek AI Ambassador for the CEE region from The Czech Republic
Aracelly López
Aracelly LópezAI Ambassador for the LatAm region from Costa Rica
Arnaud Oulepo
Arnaud OulepoAI Ambassador for the MENA region from Morocco
Blerina Xheraj
Blerina XherajAI Ambassador for the CEE region from Albania
Catalina Bizic
Catalina BizicMember of AI Ambassador Advisory Council from Romania
Daniel Cuentas
Daniel CuentasAI Ambassador for the LatAm region from Peru
Dmitry Semashko
Dmitry SemashkoAI Ambassador for the CEE region from Belarus
Edson López
Edson LópezAI Ambassador for the LatAm region from Guatemala
Fahira Brodlija
Fahira BrodlijaAI Ambassador for the CEE region from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Herman Duarte
Herman Duarte AI Ambassador for the LatAm region from Costa Rica
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Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassadors co-edit the forthcoming English-Spanish Bilingual book ‘Surviving in the Field of International Arbitration: War Stories and Lessons Learned’ published by Wolters Kluwer.

The book contains forty chapters written by leading practitioners —including several AI Ambassadors— covering hot topics about life as an arbitration practitioner and arbitrator, such us: handling oral pleadings and cross-examination; arbitrating on behalf of States; acting as arbitral secretary; writing your first arbitral award; dealing with tribunal deliberations; handling dissenting opinions; developing a personal brand; balancing work and life; promoting disruptive innovation; preparing for arbitration job interviews and managing coexistence challenges in law firms (e.g., dealing with the rat race, bullying, burnout, discrimination). Click on Read More to pre-order your copy.

By |September 7th, 2020|

Born v. Born: The Battle of Scholarly Citations in the Canadian Supreme Court’s Uber v. Heller Decision

Most individuals with involvement in international arbitration—as a scholar, practitioner, arbitrator, or as a brave student participating in a moot competition—have cited Gary Born for some legal principle. Indeed, sometimes this name is cited by opposing sides in support of their contrary legal arguments. While this has been a common practice among students and, in particular, Mooties, it now seems that a similar practice is reflected in the majority and dissenting opinions in the long-waited and important international arbitration decision, Uber v. Heller, 2020 SCC 16.

By |July 16th, 2020|

Transparency and Data Analytics: The Keys to the Transformation of the ISDS Adjudicator Appointment Process

The ongoing global discussions on the reform of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system have been broad in scope and covered a wide range of concerns. As previously documented on this blog, the governments participating in the UNCITRAL Working Group III – ISDS Reform (WG III) have...

By |June 1st, 2020|

Legal and Practical Aspects of Virtual Hearings During (and After?) the Pandemic: Takeaway From the SCC Online Seminar Series

Two recent online seminars, organised in the context of the Online Seminar Series of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), focused on the fast-track digitalisation into which the world of international arbitration is forced as a result of the pandemic.