PENNSYLVANIA, JANUARY 18, 2021 – Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) is delighted to welcome Former U.S. Ambassador to Austria William C. Eacho as a member of its Board of Directors. 

Eacho served as the U.S. Ambassador to Austria from 2009-2013 and was a member of the Senior Advisory Group to the Director of National Intelligence from 2013 to 2017. His present initiatives include roles as Co-Founder and CEO of the Partnership for Responsible Growth, which leads an effort in Washington, DC to advocate for pricing carbon to address the climate change crisis, Vice Chairman of Pixspan, Inc. and management of a family investment portfolio focused on real estate and private equity. 

Eacho brings a wealth of business experience to Arbitrator Intelligence, spanning the energy, private equity, real estate and distribution sectors. His former roles include founding Chairman of UniPro Foodservice, Inc., which grew to $20 billion in revenues under his leadership; CEO of Carlton Capital Group; and Executive Vice President of Alliant Foodservice Inc., then a $6 billion national foodservice distributor. His diplomatic, academic and entrepreneurial expertise make him a welcome addition to the Board, led by Chairman Alan Crain

Catherine Rogers, Founder and CEO of Arbitrator Intelligence commented “Ambassador Eacho brings a rich set of skills and experiences to our Board. Our project is multi-faceted and inherently interdisciplinary, which makes Ambassador Eacho a perfect fit.”

Eacho is a Visiting Professor of the Practice in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School (1979) and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Duke University. 

Commenting on his appointment, Eacho says “I am pleased to join the board of Arbitrator Intelligence, which is breaking new ground in offering detailed information about international arbitrators which is truly valuable and unique.”

Eacho’s appointment is the latest is a series of exciting developments for AI, which recently welcomed Professor Christopher Zorn to its Advisory Board, signed Canada as a State member and previewed its new Investment Reports in the Kluwer Arbitration Blog here

The value of Arbitrator Intelligence and its Reports has been recognized by the international arbitration community in:

  • An ICCA Report addressing the lack of diversity among international arbitrators. An entire paragraph (page 65) is dedicated to Arbitrator Intelligence and how our reports will enhance diversity; and
  • An UNCITRAL Working Group III paper on arbitrator selection (para. 27, fn20) that identifies Arbitrator Intelligence as an important tool for promoting transparency and accountability in arbitrator selection.

The Arbitrator Intelligence Preferred Membership program is open for applications until January 31, 2021. For a limited time, Membership is free of charge and entitles participants to significant discounts on Reports about individual arbitrators. 

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