AI and Wolters Kluwer to publish 485 international Arbitral Awards

Arbitrator Intelligence will, together with Wolters Kluwer, be publishing 485 international Arbitral Awards on These awards were collected by Arbitrator Intelligence, which hopes to collect additional awards and orders, both through its continued independent research and from awards contributed through the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire.

In response to this publication, AI Advisor Gary Born said “By making international arbitral awards more widely available, Arbitrator Intelligence and Kluwer are making it easier for parties and counsel around the world to do better, more efficient research about arbitrator decisionmaking.”  And, Michael McIlwrath (also on the AI Board of Advisors) noted that, “From the parties and in-house counsels’ perspective, more information about past cases will improve the predictability of arbitrator selection and therefore the quality of arbitration.”