News about the AIQ Campaign and the XI Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje


The first week of the campaign started with the theme ¡Entra la cancha!, which was meant to encourage arbitration practitioners to join in creating their own future opportunities by generating information about arbitration in Latin America. So far response has been overwhelming—thanks to our outstanding Ambassadors!

Arbitrator Intelligence has collected over 60 AIQs in just the first 10 days of the Campaign, and hence information about hundreds of arbitrators in those cases. We are also getting ready to launch in the coming weeks of the campaign both a Spanish version and a Portuguese version (thanks to Vitor Vieira!) of the AIQ so it is accessible to more parties in the region.

Additionally, in working on the LATAM Campaign, to test the Moot-AIQ we teamed up with the International Competition of Arbitration (XI Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje) for its eleventh edition which was organized by Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the Universidad del Rosario (Colombia).

For those who do not know, the ICA Moot is the most important regional arbitration moots in Latin America. In the eleventh edition of the competition, there were 54 teams competing, 607 participants of which 447 were students and 160 were coaches and 260 arbitrators. The participants and arbitrators came from 16 different countries.

Pictured: Ambassadors Veronica Sandler (Argentina) and Luisa Quintao (Brazil).

The above is an excerpt from the article published on Kluwer Arbitration Blog by country team leaders Augusto Garcia and Muhamed Tulic. You can access the article here.