AI Launches AIQ and Signs Historic Agreement with SIAC

After several years in the planning, one year in the making, and many months in the testing, AI formally launched the AIQ, beginning in Singapore at an event on June 1 hosted by the Davinder Singh of the Drew & Napier law firm, supported by the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC), and officiated by AI Advisory Board Member Gary Born. AI Advisor Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon also graciously supported the event.

The idea behind the AIQ is relatively simple: to replicate the types of information parties currently obtain through ad hoc, person-to-person telephone inquiries. At the end of each case, AI will invite parties, with the help of arbitral institutions like SIAC, to provide objective information and professional assessments of arbitrators’ case management and decision making. When sufficient information is collected, it will be made available to the international arbitration community through “AI Reports.”

AI Reports will provide information about everything from arbitrator rulings on document production, to arbitrator questions during hearings, to their reasoning in arbitral awards, to their calculation of interest rates.

As the same event AI launched the AIQ, AI also entered into a Cooperation Agreement with SIAC (SIAC website announcement here), pursuant to which SIAC will assist AI in administering the AIQ in exchange for AI waiving its fees on the AI Reports for SIAC.  AI hopes to enter similar agreements with other arbitral institutions around the world.

In addition to Singapore, the AIQ was presented at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) on Friday, June 2, and at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Arbitration Centre (KLRCA) on Tuesday, June 6 thanks to the generous support and hospitality of AI Advisors Chiann Bao and Sundra Rajoo, respectively.

For more information about the AIQ see our FAQs, and for details about planned implementation of the AIQ, click here.

Let’s all start filling out those AIQs!