Gary Born at the University of Pennsylvania


On March 27, the University of Pennsylvania Law School held a student-led conference on the Contemporary Issues and Emerging Trends in International Arbitration. The event gathered leading international arbitration scholars and practitioners from all around the world, including our Founder and Executive Director, Professor Catherine Rogers. One of the highlights of the event was the keynote address delivered by Mr. Gary Born.

Much to our delight, Mr. Born, who is a member of the Arbitrator Intelligence Board of Advisors, spoke about AI and its benefits in his keynote speech.

Mr. Born first stressed the vital importance of the arbitrator selection process by reminding the audience of the extraordinary procedural discretion arbitrators have, particularly in international arbitrations. He then went on to point out some of the current shortcomings of the system, like the fact that in the market for arbitrator services, the most valuable information tends to be controlled by a small number of people—partners, large law firms, and very occasionally highly sophisticated clients. The result is a  lack of transparency in the arbitrator selection process.

Having acknowledged the problem, Mr. Born then turned to Arbitrator Intelligence by suggesting it is, as he put it, “not just a tool but also an idea”. On the one hand, it is a tool that he predicts will dramatically increase the amount of information that is available  and enable more informed and intelligent arbitrator selection. On the other hand, it is an idea meant to respond to criticisms by opening up the market to a larger, more diverse pool of arbitrators.