Arbitrator Intelligence in Nigeria


On June 10, Yemi Candide-Johnson, president of the Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA), and Catherine Rogers, Founder of Arbitrator Intelligence, led a Discussion Forum in Lagos, Nigeria, to take up “Ten Action Items to Increase the Footprint of Africa in International Arbitration.”  The Discussion Forum was an effort to prompt a meaningful conversation about how to operationalize and concretize the often-articulated goal of increasing the number of African arbitrators, particularly when then involve African parties and transactions affecting Africa.

One important potential solution is increasing publicly available information about African arbitrators through various means, including through Arbitrator Intelligence. A founding principle of Arbitrator Intelligence is that increasing transparency in the market of information for international arbitrator services will benefit newer arbitrators, like those from Africa, who struggle to establish international reputations for excellence.

The Discussion Forum drew leading Nigerian arbitration specialists and several in-house counsel from Lagos corporations. As a result of the Forum, AI saw a good jump in the number of Nigerian members and commitments to provide AI with awards from Nigerian court files that, like US court files, are accessible to the public.