Latin America Outreach Programs for Arbitrator Intelligence

On March 3rd, 2016, Salua Kamerow, Ambassador for the Latin-American Outreach Initiative of Arbitrator Intelligence (AI), was invited to lecture to the students, professors and professionals of two Universities in Santa Marta, Colombia; Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia and Universidad del Magdalena.

The purpose of this Conference was to involve the students in a more international academic arena as compared to their legal studies in Colombia. The subject of the Conference, attended by 150 people, was International Commercial Arbitration.  During the presentation, Ms. Kamerow talked about the principles that govern international disputes in arbitration and presented the Latin American Initiative of AI.

The community was receptive to the project and many questions in regards to the objectives and the evolution of the project were raised.

Also, the Universidad Sergio Arboleda, headquartered in the city of Santa Marta, showed its interest to be part of Arbitrator Intelligence.  On Friday March 4th, this University hosted a meeting with the Vice Dean, Ana Maria Muelle, to discuss possible means to access the arbitral awards that are in the Colombian courts by way of the students in the clinics program.

Given the current and increasing importance of Latin America in international arbitration, Ms. Kamerow’s visit, and the interest she has generated, are important markers for AI’s future in the region.